Marine Serre

Regenerate in the lexicon of Marine Serre is:

  • A Practice[1]
  • a program[2]
  • a label[3]
  • a journey[4]
  • Un mode de vie[5]
  • resilient
  • circularity
  • ecological
  • hybrid
  • transformative
  • protective
  • functionist
  • feminist
  • realist
  • body conscious
  • autonomous
  • crafted

Circularity, for us is the ability to recycle, and to “regenerate” materials that already exist, defining our Modus Operandi in reducing waste by reintegrating the end-of-life products into a cyclical process that ensure transparency and adaptability of our resources.

Upcycled and recycled materials are at the center of our design process. Today, around 50% of our collections are composed of upcycled products. The other half sees us working with innovative and sustainable fibers, such as biodegradable yarns and recycled fibers.

Regenerated videos